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After our first meeting and we have discussed your website’s wishes and you have submitted all the necessary content, it will take about 3 days for the first design to be ready. After that, it will take max 3 revisions before the website is live. The time between revisions and when the website goes live depends really on your available time.

We need to know more about your vision for your business and what you stand for. We can create the first set of 5 logo’s within 24 hours. Then it is time for max 3 revisions. How long it will complete a logo really depends on your available time.

You will receive an invoice after all the work is completed and you need to pay by bank transfer within 14 days.

If you are starting a new business and are a first-time business owner you can get a discount. You will need to pay 50% before we start and 50% after all the work is completed.


    Voor vragen en/of het maken van een afspraak kunt u mij een email sturen of telefonisch op 06-49137490 (bij geen gehoor graag een bericht/ WhatsApp sturen) ook voor al uw vragen wat geheel vrijblijvend is.